Vladimir Puric

Vladimir Puric

User experience / User interaction Design


Well, it seems googling “how to write a perfect About me page” doesn’t help. At least I will try to follow the recommendation stating less than 250 words should be used.


Even though I was imagining I would be studying natural sciences while enjoying school classes of physics, chemistry and geography when I was a kid, somehow at the age of 14 there was a sudden desire to express myself through colors and drawing. This was followed by many hours spent at the artist’s studio hoping I would become an artist one day. Having entered the Academy of Arts I decided to enroll in graphic design. As a master in graphic design I have realized that working for print media is not as exciting as the web. Around 2005 I started exploring how it all worked and managed to write the first lines of the html and css code. I was a freelancer for years cooperating with various agencies and other freelancers who dealt with development and in need of a designer. In 2011 I got the first serious position in a multinational IT company being a GUI designer. The adventure of UX UI design has started ever since.

Nowadays I live in Zurich working as a senior UX UI designer in a successful company which deals with end-to-end encrypted communication.

Hard work

How long you can continue to be good at something is how much you believe in yourself and how much of hard work you do.