Vladimir Puric

Vladimir Puric

User experience / User interaction Design

Lobo DMS

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Project duration 2011 - 2013
Responsibilities UI Design, Visual design, Design implementation in Visual studio and X-Code
About Lobo DMS Lobodms is a full-fledged document management system. Its stateless technology allows access to documents even when traditional document management systems run up against their limits because of poor-quality lines or too little bandwidth.

Mobile apps

Windows app

Lobo DMS for Windows was created for Windows 8 (RT) – native windows app and for windows phone.

My responsibility was to create information structure, flows, design and implementation of design in Visual studio – by creating resource dictionary (xaml)

iOS and Android app

According to design trends for iOS 6, and later for iOS 7 – Lobo DMS client followed latest trends in functionality and design. Android client was following Jelly Bean standards.

In need to successfully accomplish the given task, i learned to create flows and design in X-Code.Also, for Android client, i learned to create design sources in Android studio.


The new design required changes in all visual product structures, and therefore i created a large number of icons.